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The Unexpensed page is a list of unsubmitted expenses based on data from transactions on your account. Using information from your Corporate or Emburse card transactions and historical expense data, we’ll create a list of unsubmitted expenses in a single feed. We’ll also attempt to match your receipts to your card transactions.

Where does the Unexpensed feed data come from?

  • Emburse transactions and Corporate card transactions: we’ll transcribe and auto-populate the date, merchant, and amount. These fields are not editable by the user. 
  • Uploaded and Forwarded Receipts: using receipt transcription, we’ll transcribe the date, merchant, and amount. Suggestions generated by a receipt will allow these fields to be editable by the user. 
  • Abacus compares your Emburse card or corporate card transactions to your receipts, and if there’s a match, Abacus will add that receipt to the expense proposal.
  • A Forwarded receipt that matches a transaction on your Personal card feed will become a suggestion.
  • An expense that is associated with a personal card, based on a receipt, a corporate card or an Emburse card which has ‘posted’ and submitted for review (i.e. is ready for admin review on the expense page) but not already been approved by the admin can be edited and resubmitted for review

How does Draft Expenses work? 

  • If an expense is associated with an Emburse card transaction and that Emburse card transaction is still in the ‘pending’ state the user can add required details and save it as a draft. 
  • Expenses that have not yet been queued or has ‘posted’ on the account can be saved as a ‘draft’.
  • An Emburse card that has a posted card transaction while in ‘Draft’ state can only be edited and posted. If edits are made the user can only discard the edits.
  • Abacus will also compare the expense to your company’s policy and let you know if anything needs to be filled in before you can submit it.

You can always add a bit more information (note, etc.) and then submit the expense, all without leaving the page. Once you’ve filled in all the required fields on the expense, the ‘Save Draft’ button will become clickable. 

What are Queued Expenses?

  • If the status of a suggested Emburse card transaction is ‘pending’, then the expense can be edited and queued. 
  • If a suggested Emburse card transaction is ‘posted’ then the expense can only be edited. It also cannot be saved as a draft. 
  • An Emburse transaction can change status from ‘pending’ to ‘posted’ while already in the ‘Draft’ state i.e. the amount finalizes and a posted date replaces ‘pending’ status. The user will need to edit the expense and cannot save it as a draft. 

Web Browser

Charges will populate in the ‘Unexpensed’ page. The Drafts section will contain charges on your Emburse card that have not yet posted but have been started. These transactions can be coded and saved as a draft, once the transaction posts the Expenses will be submitted.

To view your queued expenses click on ‘(#) expenses queued’ which will expand a list of queued expenses. 


Once the transaction posts from your Emburse card the expense will be submitted. 


Tap the menu button on your mobile device and tap ‘Unexpensed’. You will see a list of pending Emburse transactions as well as suggestions generated from corporate cards, personal cards, and receipts. 


Once submitted you can tap ‘[#] expenses queued’ to view your queued expenses.