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Uploading receipt images from your computer is a quick and convenient method for adding receipts to your Abacus account. Image uploads can be up to 10 MB in size. You can choose to upload one at a time, or add multiple receipt images at once.

This article shows you how to upload receipts from your computer.

Step 1: On your Abacus account homepage, open the Receipts page in the sidebar.


Step 2: On the Receipts page, select Upload Receipts.


Step 3: Select the receipt images from your computer. Click Open once you have selected all the receipt images you want to upload.

Best Practice: Windows users can select multiple images at once by pressing the CTRL key and selecting each file.


The receipts have now been added to your account, and will now appear on the page below. 

Step 4: To add a receipt to an expense, click the Pencil icon. To delete an expense, click the three-dot menu.