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If you have a bill or receipt that includes multiple items to expense, you may need to split the expense into parts in order to properly categorize each item. 

How to split an expense when using a web browser 

A common example is a hotel bill that includes lodging and meals, where each item needs to be categorized separately. The meals could also need to be coded separately by client, or given a different note to add context to the meal. 

At the bottom of the expense submission form, click the “Split Expense” button:


This will automatically break out the total into two even amounts which can be edited according to the cost of each item. 


The amounts, notes, categories, and any other meta data can be edited in each field on the expense. 

Once the expense is submitted, it will automatically be broken out into two individual expenses with the same receipt image. 


An expense can also be split after it is submitted for approval, but before it reaches final approval. Select the expense in your “My Pending Expenses” section, then you will see a “Split” button in the expense details:


Splitting expenses using the iOS or Android mobile apps

When submitting an expense using the Abacus mobile application, you will see the option to split an expense in the lower right corner. Abacus will evenly divide the expense amount by the number of splits by default, but you can adjust the amount of each individual split.


If you have already submitted an expense and would like to go back and split it, you can do so by clicking into the expense and selecting the three dots in the lower right corner and choosing the “Split Expense” option. 


How managers and approval route reviewers can split an expense after it’s been submitted

Managers and reviewers can split any expense awaiting their approval in the inbox. After selecting the expense for review, you will see a “Split” button in the expense details:


Splitting an expense will allow you to adjust the amounts, categories, notes, team/expense fields, and dates (reimbursable expenses only) for each portion of the split expense. After an expense is split, each portion will be created as an individual expense to replace the original expense. When viewing the details of each newly split expense, you can quickly view other split portions by selecting its itemizations: