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Anthony Harden December 6, 2022

What is Crowded?

Crowded is a financial technology company that offers an all-in-one platform for banking, collecting, and spending nonprofit funds that was designed for nonprofit membership clubs, groups, and associations.

Our free mobile app and web portal cover everything from digital banking and dues collection to expense management and tax reporting.

With Crowded, one login is all you need to manage all of your club finances.

How do I set up an account with Crowded for my organization?

To get your organization on Crowded, please book a time to onboard with us here. We’ll quickly get your organization’s account set up and answer any of your questions.

What makes Crowded different from what we currently use to manage our club finances?

Unlike current software companies or traditional banks, Crowded offers a one-stop shop that covers everything your organization needs to manage its finances – from club banking and dues collection to expense management and tax reporting.

Crowded offers customized features for nonprofit membership organizations such as digital Visa® debit cards that eliminate the need for members to pay for expenses out-of-pocket and a payment request builder that allows treasurers or organizational admins to collect funds from members seamlessly with automated payment reminders and a payment tracker.

Instead of charging subscription fees, we offer our platform free of charge and collect interchange and payment processing fees that are lower than the industry standard – making Crowded the most affordable option to manage nonprofit group finances.

Most importantly, our mobile-first app and web portal are extremely user-friendly, intuitive, and easy to work with and make things like collecting dues payments or managing expenses accessible and easy to manage for volunteers.

What kinds of organizations can use Crowded?

Our banking and financial management platform was designed for nonprofit 501(c) membership clubs of various sizes and budgets. We work with everyone from fraternities and sororities to booster clubs and sports teams. Not sure whether Crowded would be the right fit for your organization? Shoot us an email at info@bankingcrowded.com and or schedule a demo with us and we’ll help you figure that out.

Does my organization need to pay anything to use Crowded?

Creating a Crowded account for your club is free and the most affordable banking and membership option compared to traditional SaaS providers who charge subscription fees. So what do we charge for? We collect interchange fees from merchants every time a purchase is made on your organizational digital Visa® debit cards as well as processing fees for member payments (these come out to the lesser of 3% or $5 per payment – which is substantially lower than the 8% industry standard).

How is Crowded different from other peer-to-peer payment providers?

There are several risks nonprofit organizations face when using peer-to-peer payment providers like Venmo or PayPal to manage their organizational funds. You can become more informed of those risks by reading our guide here.

With Crowded, we provide you with the tools you need to keep your funds, payments, and expenses organized and easily accessible. We’re the only platform out there that integrates all the financial tools you need to run your organization in one place – and if we’re missing something your organization needs, please let us know so we can work on adding it to our platform!

How can I be assured that Crowded is safe and secure?

One of our core values at Crowded is trust. We understand how critical it is to know that your nonprofit group funds are safe and secure. For this reason, we ensure that every Crowded account is insured for up to $250,000 through our FDIC-insured banking partner. In addition, every purchase made with a Crowded digital Visa® debit cards is also protected by Visa’s Zero Liability Policy, which means you’ll never be responsible for charges you didn’t authorize. We’ve also built compliant security and data encryption into our app to keep your personal info and account safe. Finally, all payments processed through Crowded are PCI compliant through Stripe and JPMorgan – our merchant services vendors.

I’m a member of a university club. How can I sign up to be a Crowded college ambassador on campus?

Yes, we are always looking for new talent to join our college ambassador program. Apply here to join us!

Do you offer SMS or text messages to provide fraud alerts?

Messaging frequency depends on account activity. For more information, text HELP to 23618. To cancel fraud text messaging services at any time reply STOP to any alert from your mobile device.

For fraud alert support, call (212) 653 0392 or email info@bankingcrowded.com. By giving us your mobile number, you agree that fraud alert text messaging is authorized to notify you of suspected incidents of financial or identity fraud. HELP instructions: Text HELP to 23618 for help or email info@bankingcrowded.com. Stop instructions: Text STOP to 23618 to cancel.

Release of Liability: Alerts sent via SMS may not be delivered to you if your phone is not in the range of a transmission site, or if sufficient network capacity is not available at a particular time. Even within coverage, factors beyond the control of wireless carriers may interfere with message delivery for which the carrier is not responsible. Carriers do not guarantee that alerts will be delivered.