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Social Media Network

The One Iota Website and App is a secured social media network for the members Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc. Interact with one another through the means of, posting messages, pictures, video and commenting on news/event articles posted on the site. Send private messaging between individual members and groups, and conduct private zoom meetings with group members. All of our servers are private and are solely owned by The Frat House Network, Inc.

One Iota University

One Iota University is an online learning management system which provides members with course videos and documentation centered around the growth, leadership, and professional development of members. Branded as our very own learning portal, The One Iota University creates a distraction free environment for all of our members.

One Iota TV

One Iota TV is a fraternal news network that provides all of our members with real time updates about what’s going on in the organization and the world around them through news articles, blogs, interviews, and Informative videos. Though used as an internal tool for all members, the One Iota TV is also a marketing tool for Brothers who want to advertise their businesses and services.

Join The One Iota Network

The One Iota Network is a Social Media Network dedicated to the brothers of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc. This platform is where brothers can socialize with each other through text, pictures, and videos while being updated with the latest information about the fraternity from the National, Regional, and Chapter level.

All Iota Shop

The All Iota Shop is an online marketplace for members that offers a one-stop-shop for everything Iota Phi Theta. The marketplace will also showcase exclusive Iota Phi Theta Gear that is only sold here, or will only be featured here and sold at National/Regional events. All Vendors on the platform are licensed vendors and all paraphernalia has been pre-approved prior to its addition to the site.

The Event Calendar

The Event Calendar is a dedicated calendar to the brothers of the Fraternity. National, Regional, and Chapter events can be added to the calendar for all Members to see. Register for Conclave, Regionals and Local events with an integrated ticketed system that allows the event organizer to receive funds for every ticket sold on the site. Already have an event link? Add the link to the the event page and wait for the registration to begin.

Living Historical Data

The data collected from all of the members will be saved within our database and will serve as LHD, or Living Historical Data. This data will be stored and updated as needed by you, the member Financial Members will have access to the membership and Group Directory where they will be able to view all the members of the fraternity. The data collected will help with Iota Phi Theta securing new sponsorships, and provide a track record of our progress as a fraternity.

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