Reply To: Brotherhood in 2021

  • Earl Schaffer

    March 27, 2023 at 8:54 am

    One of the things we have to do is cut out the incessant bickering. Brothers need to understand something;

    The Iota we live in today is NOT the same Iota we came in the day we Crossed. Times have and will continue to change. The Frat has evolved and continues to do so.

    We have so many conflicts, including, but not limited to;

    -Wearing Green

    -The way the young bros stroll

    -The lack of stepping

    We also have a “When I was on the yard” complex. Brothers need to realize: “YOU AINT ON THE YARD NO MORE!” Brothers don’t listen when all you do is chew them out. We need to understand the levels. Grad and Undergrad are 2 different tiers for a reason.

    The ONLY way that a 50 year old brother will relate to an 18 year old brother is by effectively communicating with him and getting to know him. Use the life experience you have to pour into that young man. Don’t chastise him bc of how he dresses, or any of that foolishness. It’s time out for all that.

    Iota used to be known as The Frat of Love. And we need to get back to that. Life is too short and it seems like every week we are getting another Death Notice of one of our brethren leaving this earth.