Reply To: Thoughts on Graduate Chapters dues increasing from $650 to $1000 while decreasing Graduate individual dues from $300 to $275?

  • Richard Gibson

    May 1, 2023 at 12:53 pm

    I disagree. Not seeing the full comparison of numbers and what the current breakdown is, this would exacerbate the chapter financial status picture. 5 members for a chapter, would mean going to brothers putting $200 towards chapter dues. That’s an increase in $70 per member vice the reduction of $30 on the individual. Plus this does not account for chapters with more than a certain amount of members.

    Go to a scaled rate where an individuals dues include contribution to the chapter. A dues base, plus an individual contribution distributed based on chapter size. So 350 plus 200 is max. And 350 plus 25 is lowest. That would mean chapters larger than 40 members would be helping nationals with income. Could even kick the chapter back 50% of the $25 for member counts 41 and above.