Reply To: Thoughts on Graduate Chapters dues increasing from $650 to $1000 while decreasing Graduate individual dues from $300 to $275?

  • Brian Johnson

    April 9, 2023 at 9:54 am

    As a Life Member I would like to have the option to pay more for my dues if I choose too, so if would nice to add a donation tab when brothers pay dues if they wanted to give more or just have one in general

    I personally want to pay dues for the years when I didn’t pay because I did not understand that importance of it

    I don’t mind an increase in national dues for grad chapters but $1,000 might be a little too high for some chapters

    $750 a year would be find with me to help rebuild our undergrads and maybe increase intake fee for grad by maybe $50

    Also has our intake numbers for grad and undergrad increased over the last few years ?

    I believe it has but not sure