Reply To: Thoughts on increasing Undergraduate Chapter dues from $400 to $550?

  • misterpbody

    April 6, 2023 at 6:32 pm

    I am totally against any increase. Instead of focusing on our failure of not properly supporting and increasing our undergrad members over the years, we now want to Tax more to make up the difference. How about we focus more on actually fixing the problem by bringing in more paying members through real outreach campaigns.

    As for LMs, what is the point of having something g called a “LIFE” anything then charging a fake yearly assessment or each administration increasing the assessment to make up for piss poor management over the years. You can’t double dip bros. We will lose those folks from paying and that’s money we need. Plus life members give a lot to the frat in other ways. We need to stop putting bandaids on the problem.

    Cut staffing and travel costs, come up with a real sign and drive membership drive to increase members, make it easier to make life members and invest that money as it comes in., and hold REAL money generating events that bros actually want to attend. Right now our upcoming clave leaves a lot to be desired for bros to use their work vacation to attend.

    These are all things we can do NOW to help us grow financially. Raising anything is NOT the solution.