Reply To: Thoughts on Graduate Chapters dues increasing from $650 to $1000 while decreasing Graduate individual dues from $300 to $275?

  • Gregory Jackson

    April 1, 2023 at 7:22 am

    Thinking about the numbers first. The break even is the chapter with 14 fully financial brothers. The formula allows the brothers to save $350 (14x$25) in individual dues but there is no loss at the national level because chapter dues increase $350. Clearly any chapter with over 14 members results in a decline in income at the national level. Chapters with less this 14 brothers this becomes a tax. I prefer not to hurt the national funds and to many brothers this becomes a benefit especially since most chapters receive dues from brothers who are financial at chapter level but not the national. This also creates an appearance to those same brothers to see dues are coming down and maybe this incentives them to become fiancial nationally. So the only chapters that get hurt by this are chapters where brothers are not paying local dues to support the chapter. The goal of this in my opinion is to get nonfinancial members to support locally ( which is good) in order to get them more involved in supporting the chapter and maybe it’s endeavors. Brothers need to discuss further the need for being financial nationally. Brothers need to see there are fixed cost to running the organization before benefits can exist. I think there are ways to approach this and this may not be a bad start but I think we have to discuss further as I now consider the impact to a chapter with 14 life members. On average I do not think those chapters would complain much because they are willing to support and the cost based on 14 life members is only $17, so they get taxed. I see us spending money on things, and I think there are areas we can cut the fat. This approach seems harmful but if we can reduce cost for the average alumni brother this approach is worth discussing further.