Reply To: Thoughts on Graduate Chapters dues increasing from $650 to $1000 while decreasing Graduate individual dues from $300 to $275?

  • David White MBA RP

    March 30, 2023 at 12:23 pm

    1st, Alumni Brothers should never get tired of being the core financial supporters, because they are in the best position to financially support the Fraternity. Increase for the chapters is long over due. How a chapter pays for it is another discussion. In my opinion, we need to move back to being a “national organization”, with membership categories; like Life, At-Large or here’s a new one..Probational (undergrads who pay a minimum of $55 to begin “course” work or certifications (ie Leadership, Communication, Protocol, etc.) lasting until they graduate and move to full membership; if they don’t finish, then wish them well on any other endeavor. Individuals should make ONE payment that includes, dues and assessments (region, chapter, scholarships, etc.)

    But what is the right number? Well that depends on budget needs and obligations, but most importantly, ROI on how the fraternity money is spent. Why pay for services we get no return on? Next to every line item in the budget there should be clarity on ROI back to the Fraternity.